Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hen House Plans – How To Choose One Properly

There are a wide variety of hen house plans available right now that you may feel overwhelmed in choosing which one will be most appropriate for you.  This isn’t surprising because of the fact that most people don’t understand the process of building a chicken coop, therefore to them all the hen house plans may even look the same.

They are not the same however and if you’re not choosing the correct hen house plan, the chances that you have success with the building process will be much lower.
Here is what you need to know in order to choose the correct plan for you.

The Number of Chickens You Plan To Keep
The first thing you’ll want to think about is the total number of chickens you plan to keep in your chicken coop.  The hen house plans you’re looking at should differentiate between small, medium, and large sized plans.  Matching the correct size to the total number of chickens you want to keep will help make sure they’re happy in their surroundings are will be laying eggs properly.
If you’re not sure exactly how big you should be building, always go larger than you think you’ll need.

The Type Of Land Available To You
Next, also consider the type of land that you have available to you.  Are you going to have to landscape? If so, you’ll want to make sure you’re looking for hen house plans that give information on proper landscaping techniques so you can do this correctly.
Also think about how firm the ground is. If it’s not very firm at all, you will likely want to consider a more solid base structure on top of the land to prevent the walls from shifting over time.

The Climate You’re Located In
The third factor to think about before you dive right into the building process is the climate you are located in.  If you’re getting a wide variety of weather patterns, you’re going to want to think a great deal harder about the amount and type of insulation you use in your chicken coop.
It’s important that the hen house plans you’re looking at identify methods that you can use to help maintain proper temperature over time because if it’s either too hot or too cold in the house there is a very high chance that you’re going to run into some problems.

Whether You Want Your Chicken Coop To Be Mobile
Finally, consider whether or not you want to build a mobile chicken coop. These are increasingly popular among many people, especially those who also want to keep their chickens as pets as well.
There are many advantages to a mobile chicken coop so it is something you should give some consideration at least.
By taking some time to look through various hen house plans you can take a big step towards making sure you’re choosing one that best matches your own individual needs.

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